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A nod from the editor

A nod from the editor

21 March 2014

I’D BE the first to admit that editing this paper is a great job. But when I got to ride one of my dream motorcycles this month, it wasn’t on a press launch. It wasn’t even a new bike. It was my brother-in-law’s 1999 Kawasaki ZX-7R.

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A nod from the editor

21 February 2014.

Road tax. While there are many alternative ideas (like scrapping it, but adding to the cost of fuel), it’s always going to be a hot potato for vehicle owners (yes, I know – it’s actually Vehicle Excise Duty, but I still call it road tax).

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A nod from the editor

16 January 2014.

We’ve all done it... skiving out of work with some excuse or other, to take advantage of a crisp winter’s day on the bike. For me, an hour out on the Triumph Tiger Sport was all the more valuable, as it was the last chance I’d have to enjoy this brilliant machine.

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A nod from the editor

13 December 2013.

I’ve ridden the future, and I loved it! Electric vehicles are quietly powering their way into our lives, but there’s good reason why we should embrace the technology. That’s not to say it’s going to stop us enjoying the feeling, the sound, or of course the smell of our petrol motors, and I can’t see the internal combustion engine disappearing for a very long time.

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A nod from the editor

14 November 2013.

If you ever find yourself in Munich, you really should visit the BMW museum. The new nineT was launched there, and I was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours wandering around, taking in the stunning bikes from the past 90 years. In the picture, I’m stood in front of an R32 – the first bike the Bavarian company ever produced.

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A nod from the editor

17 October 2013.

Clinging to the bright red tank of Enfield’s lovely new Continental GT cafe racer (see p16), blatting through London – not a bad way to round off your first week in a new job. Hello. I’m John. As you’ll find out over the coming months, I get pretty excited about most things, but more than anything I get very excited about bikes.

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Tuck in, it's launch time

20 September 2013.

Welcome to the October issue of MCM. Launch season is upon us and one of the most interesting bikes to be launched this year is Yamaha's MT-09 triple.

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Affordable adventures

17 May 2013.

The last 500 to be launched by Honda this year is the adventure-styled CB500X. This 471cc, parallel twin machine has some useful additions and tweaks from its two siblings – the CB500F and CBR500R – to make it into a viable mini touring proposition. And all for under £5000 – check it out on page 10.

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Has Aprilia saved the best for last with its new adventure bike?

19 April 2013.

Aprilia has finally launched its answer to the competitive adventure bike class, the new Caponord 1200. It may be late to the party, but it is genuinely impressive and cheaper than a lot of its rivals. Find out why on page 10.

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A genuine sub 600cc middleweight? Yes please...

15 March 2013.

Yep, Honda has launched a trio of 'sensible' 471cc parallel twin bikes, which look to be easy to ride, economical, well built and under five grand new. We like sensible! Find out why on page 10.

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